According to What Hi-Fi "2024 could be the year of hi-res wireless audio - but it hinges on two things"

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According to What Hi-Fi? 2024 could be the year of hi-res wireless audio but as they report, that hinges on two things.

Spoiler - one of those things is #UWB and as discussed in the article, its main roadblock (dropouts caused by body blocking) is addressed by BodyWave antennas.

Read the full article: 2024 could be the year of hi-res wireless audio

It's always nice to be mentioned in What Hi-Fi? and many thanks to Alistair Stevenson for the shout out. The journey of addressing body blocking in UWB is ongoing and 2 things happened in late 2023 to continue giving the movement shape.

Firstly, there was a panel session at AES in NYC titled "UWB - a new wireless tech in the future of pro audio" (the slides can be accessed here: AES New York 2023 Round-up and slides). The principle being that if the Professional market will adopt UWB for live music events, then it'll good enough for CE applications.

Secondly, and again via AES, Jackie Green is leading the charge on a Clock Synchronization Standard for Audio over UWB - "Audio Engineering Society announces new task group for UWB Hi Res, Low Latency audio interface."

Looking forward from an AntennaWare perspective, 2024 is looking very bright with imminent announcements due out on product development and partners launching devices with BodyWave™.

So I guess my key takeaway is, stay tuned!

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