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BodyWave™ Antenna

Designed for wearables

Our BodyWave™ antenna range is designed with the challenges of wearable wireless communications in mind. Increased radiation efficiency, increased detuning immunity and our unique BodyWave™ propagation, all in a compact package.

Thank you for joining us at Embedded World 2024. Through this page you can learn more about our BodyWave™ antenna range and select an appropriate follow-up from the AntennaWare team.

Body blocking - the technical bottleneck we are solving

Body blocking is a key challenge for all wireless wearables. Caused when the human body blocks the wireless transmission path, body blocking results in unreliable connections, reduced communication ranges and dropout.

BodyWave™ antenna technology solves this by generating waves that flow efficiently around the body, supporting a communication link even when the body is blocking the signal. Resulting in unprecedented performance at a range of signals and in traditionally challenging RF environments.

Standard propagation white

Traditional antenna - Limited wireless coverage

Bodywave tm white

BodyWave antenna - Complete wireless coverage

About BodyWave™

The BodyWave antenna is an On-Ground SMD antenna component optimised for wearable applications. The BodyWave antenna can produce BodyWaves which can help facilitate wireless communications when there is no direct line of sight with both on-body and off-body receivers.

Our BodyWave™ antenna technology is significantly better suited to wearable applications than the existing commercially available general purpose off-the-shelf antennas. BodyWave™ antennas are designed to increase coverage in directions obscured by the human body, with 10 dB – 20 dB increased link budget in those directions when compared to existing commercially available chip and printed antennas.

Radio wave background image
10-20 dB
increase in NLoS link budget

Our BodyWave™ range of antennas