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The new standard in antennas for audio wearables

Nothing kills brand trust like an audio drop-out. Our robust antennas elevate wearable performance by extending range and drastically reducing drop-out. This means you get more coverage, unbeaten wireless reliability, and the best signal performance for effective audio capture – even in challenging outdoor low multipath and high RF noise environments.

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A major problem with wireless wearables that we help to solve is the issue of body shadowing. This is when the human body blocks the wireless transmission path, meaning the signal can drop out because the radio waves created by existing antennas are reflected or absorbed by the human body.

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BodyWave™ solves this by generating waves that flow efficiently around the body and support a communication link even when the body is blocking the signal.

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From exploration to deployment, we provide solutions that out-perform current industry standard devices. As the only antenna specifically designed for wearables, BodyWave™ is the highest performance on the market with increased radiation efficiency, increased detuning immunity and our unique BodyWave propagation, all in a compact package.

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Thanks to increased range and reliability and 360 degree coverage, improved wireless audio performance for production audio, hearable audio streaming, prosumer vlogging, etc can now be realised, can even at non-UHF frequencies.

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Innovators in antenna technology for the next generation of wireless wearables

BodyWave™ is significantly better suited to wearable applications than existing commercially available off-the-shelf antennas, BodyWave™ is designed to increase coverage in directions obscured by the human body, with 10 dB – 20 dB increased forward path gain in those directions when compared to existing commercially available chip antennas.

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How BodyWave™ is a gamechanger for wirelesss headphone audio streaming

The BodyWaveTM antenna is the first commercially available antenna designed specifically for wearable devices. Due to the wireless performance benefits the BodyWaveTM antenna provides, an attractive application of the technology would be for use within headphones and other hearables. This application can produce a number of wireless challenges related to antenna performance such a reduced range related to body shadowing caused by the head and marginal on-body communication links when the users phone is placed in a back pocket for example. This case study looks at a number of these scenarios and compares the performance of the BodyWaveTM antenna with existing printed antennas, showing that the BodyWaveTM antenna can add 10 - 20 dB of link budget in various scenarios and increase the overall wireless reliability of the hearable device.
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Highly regarded for our seamless integration, our proven assesment to deployment process ensures excellent user experience for both product teams and the end-user.

  • We support customers with integration and layout recommendations.
  • We offer test and measurement characterisation of our customers equipment using our in-house wireless wearable testbeds to help improve their wireless performance.
  • We also offer matching network, transmission line, RF circuitry, etc design services for our customers products.
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