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The new standard in antennas for sport wearables

Our robust antennas elevate wearable performance by extending range and drastically reducing drop-out. Delivering more coverage, unbeaten wireless reliability, and the best signal performance for data capture – even in challenging outdoor low multipath and busy RF environments.

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Traditional antenna - Limited wireless coverage

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BodyWave antenna - Complete wireless coverage

Body blocking - the bottleneck for wireless sports applications

Monitoring and tracking of athletes and assets rely on communicating large volumes of data in real-time. However, the human body is a challenging platform for wireless technology, reducing communication ranges and introducing drop-outs - particularly in noisy RF environments such as sports arenas.

Whilst conventional solutions exist, each solution introduces drawbacks such as increased cost, power consumption, or lower data rates - whilst failing to address the fundamental issue of body blocking.

BodyWave™ - the solution to give you a competitive edge

As the only antenna specifically designed for wearables, BodyWave™ delivers increased radiation efficiency, increased detuning immunity plus our unique BodyWave propagation.

In addressing the issues of body blocking and detuning, BodyWave addresses the key challenges for wireless technology in complex sports environments:

  • Noisy RF environments
  • Body blocking amplified by dynamic movement
  • Latency requirements
  • Battery life limitations
  • Range limitations in open spaces/GPS limitations indoors
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BodyWave use case - athlete and ball tracking

Large volumes of precise, real-time data is required for fan engagement/broadcasters, and for coaching and performance analysis.

In delivering 10-20db increased link budget, BodyWave antennas maintain coverage in directions normally obscured by the body. For athlete and ball tracking this means:

  • Ultra-precise location tracking - indoors and outdoors
  • Less pitch-side infrastructure required
  • Real-time reporting without compromising battery life

BodyWave use case - athlete performance monitoring

In-game and post-performance monitoring of physiological parameters using on-body wireless wearable devices allows coaching staff to optimise performance, reduce injury risk and manage return to play after injury.

In delivering 10-20db increased link budget non-line of sight, BodyWave antennas maintain coverage when others fail. For athlete monitoring this means:

  • Robust player to pitch side link
  • Higher power efficiency - extending lifetime of the device
  • Low latency - real-time, continuous data reporting

BodyWave use case - wireless audio communications

Coaches, support staff, referees and broadcasters rely on wireless comms delivering low latency, reliable audio to communicate and ensure the smooth flow of the game.

In delivering 10-20db increased link budget, BodyWave antennas maintain audio coverage when alternatives drop out. In wireless audio comms in complex sports environments, this means

  • Freedom for the user to move without dropouts, and an extended communication range
  • No latency or power consumption compromises to protect wireless performance

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With over two decades of research in antennas and propagation on difficult platforms, our expertise gives you the leading edge through enhanced wireless performance.

Our access to world-class antenna testing facilities de-risks your projects, allowing you to bring your products to market faster.

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“At Catapult, our products are designed to help the best athletes in the world unleash their best performance. The team at AntennaWare has helped us push the boundaries of what is possible with our product. The product and their expertise make sure our wearables perform at their best in the toughest conditions.”
Jacques Gronewald, VP of Engineering
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The BodyWave™ Antenna: The Next Generation in Wearable Antenna Technology

The BodyWave™ antenna is the first commercially available antenna designed specifically for wearable devices. Integrating the BodyWave antenna into any existing Bluetooth Low Energy or other 2.4 GHz wireless wearable device will instantly give that device a significant increase in wireless communication range and reliability. This whitepaper will describe the challenges faced by wireless wearable device designers, how the BodyWave antenna overcomes these challenges and gives examples of the game changing wireless performance increases it can give in a number of wearable applications.
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