Robust and Reliable
Real-Time Data

A solution to wireless body blocking

Data without Dropouts

Designed for Wearables

BodyWave Radio Propagation

Next Generation Applications

Footballer without Dropouts

Sport Wearables

Real time player data could mean the difference in today’s highly competitive sporting world. Our BodyWave antenna technology will help maintain this edge by providing unbeaten wireless performance in these challenging propagation environments.

Wireless Audio

When it comes to wireless audio and video streaming, a signal dropout is immediately noticeable, impairing user experience. This becomes worse for wearables in this application. Our BodyWave antenna technology greatly increases reliability and coverage, helping to reduce the likelihood of these dropouts.

Connected Care

In connected health applications, a communication dropout could mean the difference between life and death. Our BodyWave antenna technology increases the reliability and confidence in these wireless medical wearables, giving peace of mind to the patient.