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Enabling the next generation of implantable wireless communications

The future of medical technology will require the continuous wireless monitoring of multiple devices both on the surface and inside the human body. This presents a huge range of safety, power consumption, performance and reliability challenge. AntennaWare's patented multi-mode antenna technology will help make this vision of the future reality.

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Wireless performance – A bottleneck for next-gen implantable devices

Current wireless communications with implanted devices, such as pacemakers or neural implants, require the external "reader" device to be held directly over the implant area to allow wireless data transfer at intervals dictated by the user. Alternatively, wireless uploads to remote readers can occur, but only at hourly or even daily time intervals due to the high power consumption these uploads require and the limited battery life of the implanted devices. AntennaWare's multi-mode antenna technology, coupled with our BodyWave™ design ethos, can significantly improve the wireless performance of implant to on-body communication links, grealty improving reliability, reducing power consumption and making high time resolution implant communications a reality.

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