Join AntennaWare's Dr Gareth Conway and Jonny McClintock at AES Europe 2024 for "UWB for audio" workshop

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Marketing Lead

The story of adoption of UWB as a RF protocol by the professional and high end consumer audio market has undoubtedly gathered pace in the past twelve months. With a surge of products launched to the market (including Remora Pro ultilizing BodyWave™ technology), silicon vendors offering audio solutions and the AES starting a Clock Synchronization Task Force, to name a few developments.

Join AntennaWare's Dr Gareth Conway and Jonny McClintock at "UWB for audio" for a market update and discover:

✔️ The potential of UWB for audio use cases that require low latency (sub 5 milliseconds) and Hi Res (24/96) Linear PCM audio
✔️ How the known problems with UWB have been addressed
✔️ The current situation in the market
✔️ How the audio industry can reach scale using UWB

When? : Saturday, June 15 • 9:30am - 10:30am
: AES Europe 2024, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

This event has now passed. However you can still get up to speed by downloading the event slides.

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