What Hi-Fi Article: Will UWB change the world of headphones? Because Bluetooth can't


Bluetooth cannot transmit lossless high-res audio. Ultra-Wideband can. Will it change the world of headphones?

By Jez Ford What Hi-Fi

"First up: can we please all agree that there is no such thing as lossless high-res audio via Bluetooth. Bluetooth just isn’t fast enough to carry the required data rate.

Indeed I can simplify and say there is just no high-res Bluetooth full stop. For my money, high-res audio (by which I mean above CD quality) must be lossless to be genuinely high-res. Otherwise, you’re throwing away bits of the signal, and the whole point of high-res is not to throw stuff away."

To find out how AntennaWare's BodyWave™ UWB Antenna has the potential to open the doors to a new age for audiophile wireless headphones - read the full article published by What Hi-Fi, March 23.

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