Webinar: Selecting the best antenna for your wearable device

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Reliable wireless performance of wearable products can greatly influence the success of a new product launch. Confidence in wireless performance can be difficult when dealing with the diversity and challenges of the human body.

Learn about some of the core wearable antenna and body-centric propagation challenges, with advice on how to better test your wearable product design so that you have more confidence in real world deployment in any environment.

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Duration: 50 mins

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  • Dr Gareth Conway AntennaWare CEO & Co-founder
  • Dr Matt Magill AntennaWare CTO & Co-founder

    Chaired by AntennaWare's Jonny McClintock

Topics for discussion:

  • Wireless is the weakest link for wearables
  • Antennas and the human morphology
  • Wearable measurements and test-beds
  • Antenna tips to overcome the human body
  • What "good" looks like

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to overcome antenna and propagation challenges for wearables
  • How to improve your wireless wearable testing
  • What performance could be achieved from wearables

Who is this webinar for?

Engineers/CTOs and Product Managers involved in the design and development of any wireless device which will be placed close to or on the body.

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