IOT747 and AntennaWare Launch Reference Design for Wearable Applications


IOT747, a Cambridge based leading supplier of wireless modules and solutions are pleased to announce the partnership with AntennaWare. The partnership integrates AntennaWare BodyWave™ 2.4GHz antenna with the IDC737 Bluetooth® module in an example reference design for long-range and wearable applications.

IDC737 incorporates the newest range of Qualcomm® chips, enables multi-connections, can transmit as well as receive Audio and Data over Bluetooth simultaneously.

AntennaWare provides solutions that outperform current industry standard devices. As the only antenna specifically designed for wearables, BodyWave antenna technology has the highest performance on the market, with increased radiation efficiency, increased detuning immunity and a unique BodyWave propagation.

Combining IDC737 with an AntennaWare BodyWave enables an increase in range by up to 20dB.

IDC 737

“Given the high performance of the IDC737, the demand has been overwhelming in particular in critical wearable applications. Now combining IDC737 with BodyWave’s unique technology, customers can target long range or generally radio demanding scenarios” said Rafik Jallad, Director. “By leveraging the IDC737 features with BodyWave’s performances, we continuously raise the bar on what is achievable in wearable Bluetooth devices”

AntennaWare’’s CEO Gareth Conway commented “this alliance with IOT747 is a clear indication of the need for AntennaWare’s Bodywave patented antennas. We’re delighted to be working with Rafik Jallad and we’ll be showing the modules at MWC 2023 Barcelona and Embedded World in Nurnberg”.


About AntennaWare

AntennaWare is the only commercial antenna company who are designing antennas with the unique challenges of wearables in mind. We have over 25 years of cutting-edge academic R&D experience in wearable antenna design and body-centric EM propagation, with a strong focus on real-world performance and measurement verification.

About IOT747

IOT747 is a leading provider of Bluetooth modules and solutions to connect to smartphone and portable devices. Its IDC modules and software are deployed in over one million devices including wireless speakers, headsets, automotive infotainment systems, industrial applications as well as general consumer electronics.

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