Discover the key to enhanced wireless audio performance at IBC 2023 with AntennaWare’s BodyWave™ antenna


Join our expert audio and technical team at IBC 2023 on Stand 8B77a, September 15th-18th to personally experience the improvements in wireless audio performance achieved by the BodyWave™ range of antennas for manufacturers of wireless audio applications.

AntennaWare’s BodyWave technology enhances the wireless experience by addressing the most common causes of dropouts in wireless audio for body worn devices– the twin issues of body blocking and detuning.

BodyWave’s increased radiation efficiency, detuning immunity, and unique propagation enhances performance across a range of frequencies including Bluetooth (2.4GHz), UWB (Channel 5/6.5GHz and Channel 9/8GHz), and DECT (1.9GHz) applications. For manufacturers in the broadcast industry, this offers the prospect of achieving audio performance and reliability levels traditionally the preserve of the high end market, but with cost competitive BOMs. Wireless devices integrating BodyWave antennas experience fewer dropouts, an extended range and true hi-res, low-latency wireless audio in the case of UWB applications. Even in noisy RF environments such as live performance and recording.

Read AntennaWare's Jonny McClintock's recent article "Can AntennaWare's BodyWave antennas disrupt the Broadcast industry by democratising audio content acquision?"

Applications across the broadcast industry include wireless headsets, bodyworn digital wireless mics and in ear monitors for content acquisition, monitoring and direction. BodyWave antenna are the highest-performing on the market, setting new standards for reliability and quality in wireless wearable audio devices by achieving communications links in challenging environments where alternatives fail.

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