Join us at Hardware Pioneers to put BodyWave antennas to the test

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Join us at Hardware Pioneers Max, London 28th-29th May for an opportunity to put the BodyWave™ antenna range to the test in a live environment, plus discover the recently launched BodyWave™ UWB antenna range.

Prebook an appointment with the team on Stand C8 where we will conduct a series of live challenges highlighting the performance gains achieved by BodyWave™ antennas when tested against commonly used alternatives for wearable applications.

We will put BodyWave™ antennas to the test across a range of frequencies in a busy trade show environment and show the performance gains in range, signal strength, and reliability.

The event will also be the first chance in the UK to experience AntennaWare's recently launched range of UWB BodyWave™ antennas - including the most compact BodyWave™ antenna developed to date. The 8 GHz BodyWave™ Channel 9 antenna measures just 5x5x2mm, bringing BodyWave™ technology to much smaller form factors than was previously the case.

AntennaWare launch smallest BodyWave antenna to date

Developed in direct response to the market's growing interest in UWB as a wireless alternative to BLE in applications including sports wearables and audio, the new antenna range complements the existing 6.5GHz Channel 5 antenna and includes:

  • 6.5 GHz BodyWave™ UWB Channel 5 antenna
  • 6.5 GHz & 8 GHz BodyWave™ UWB Channel 5 & 9 antenna
  • 6.5 GHz – 8 GHz BodyWave™ UWB Channel 5-9 antenna
  • 8 GHz BodyWave™ Channel 9 antenna – the most compact BodyWave™ antenna to date with dimensions of 5 x 5 x 2mm

Read more about the BodyWave UWB antenna range

“As the world moves up in frequency the problem of body blocking becomes even greater for any wireless device placed close to or on the body, which only increases the requirement for the unique properties of BodyWave™ antennas,” explains AntennaWare CEO and Co-founder Dr Gareth Conway

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Specifically developed to address the connectivity challenges of body blocking and detuning, BodyWave™ antennas elevate the performance of wearables in sectors including audio, healthcare, sports and industrial IoT, offering superior connectivity performance, additional range and reduced drop outs even in challenging RF environments.

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