Whitepaper: Wireless Challenges in Wearable Healthcare Applications

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Dr gareth conway
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr matthew magill 2 crop
CTO and Co-Founder
AntennaWare/Silicon Labs technology partnership - a proven route to link budget performance enhancement of up to 16 dB in Non-Line-of-Sight links for wearable healthcare applications

Wearable healthcare applications present one of the most challenging use cases for wireless sensor devices, as they are mounted in very close proximity to the human body to detect biometrics. Any device placed close to, or on, the human body will experience performance challenges due to the twin issues of body blocking and detuning.

As a Silicon Labs technology partner, this Whitepaper demonstrates the performance enhancement in link budget path gain of up to 16dB in Non-Line-of-Sight links achieved by the AntennaWare/Silicon Labs reference design which integrates the BodyWave 2.4GHz antenna and Silicon Labs Thunderboard BG22.

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