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Designed specifically to address the reliability challenges of body blocking and detuning experienced by wireless devices placed close to or on the body, wearables incorporating BodyWave™ antennas benefit from better quality of connection, range and reliability.

For wireless applications, nothing kills brand trust like dropouts. However, the human body is a challenging platform for wireless technology, reducing communication ranges and introducing dropouts, particularly struggling in non-line-of-sight scenarios. With noisy RF environments such as sporting arenas and live events amplifying these reliability problems further, wireless devices often struggle to maintain robust connections. And while workarounds exist, they don’t address the fundamental challenge requiring additional BOM costs, additional infrastructure and/increasing power consumption to compensate for the difficulties.

By overcoming the challenges of body blocking and detuning, AntennaWare’s BodyWave™ antenna technology technology delivers a step-change improvement in link budget performance of between 10 and 20dB in comparison to conventional antennas. Resulting in a wireless performance that allows our partners to address the key challenges in wireless communications– i.e. range, quality, latency and power consumption.

Addressing these issues also offers OEMs a route to producing a uniform RF front end design, transferrable across products – meaning reduced time to market, less testing and RF consistency.

During CES 2024, AntennaWare will demonstrate the wireless reliability gains our partners are achieving across 2.4GHz, UWB and DECT and across market sectors including pro and consumer audio, sports applications, immersive media and healthcare.

“By addressing body blocking and delivering up to 20dB increase in link budget, our partners are overcoming many of the enduring challenges in wireless wearable designs. UWB for example offers the audio sector the tantalizing prospect of Hi Res (24 bit/96kHz) uncompressed wireless audio with sub 3ms latency and low power. However, its susceptibility to body blocking has been a major blocker to its mainstream adoption up to now. BodyWave is finally making UWB an attractive and viable RF upgrade for applications such as headsets, IEMs and wireless mics. CES will be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the wireless connectivity boost our partners are seeing by incorporating BodyWave antennas into their devices,” comments Jonny McClintock who will be representing AntennaWare at CES 2024.

Wireless sports applications such as real-time athlete monitoring, ultra-precise movement tracking and wireless communications experience much more robust wireless connectivity with overcoming the additional wireless challenges created by dynamic body movement and noisy RF environments. Likewise, gaming and immersive media applications are benefiting from longer ranges without compromising on latency or power consumption - core requirements for the adoption of wireless technologies in these sectors.

Join us for CES 2024 (January 9th-12th) where we will be demonstrating the performance gains achieved by BodyWave™ in live applications covering 2.4GHz, UWB and DECT. Slots at our Hospitality Suite are now open to prebook – to register your interest, either complete the form below or email Jonny McClintock directly: to secure your slot.

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